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Sam, I've come to the conclusion that Stalking of Stars is Haley Giraldo! Lol I mean anything is possible. I still don't buy into that whole "Harry hooks up with her...blah blah." I don't think he would hook up with a life sized Barbie doll. She looks like an obsessed fan. She prob has a shrine of Harry in her home.

I just spat my water everywhere. This is great.

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Not sure how anyone can even stand or believe stalkingofstars the fact that Niall and Liam celebrated in Vegas didn't really come as a surprise to most. I guessed they would've gone and they did. She shouldn't seek pride in stating the obvious haha if she's so close to Harry/the bits she wouldn't be sitting on her ass sharing information about them.

Hmmmm, it is like when Lana tweeted how Niall was with Willie and not alone with Palvin or whatever. It is what it is. Headaches are what fans give, not all, but most that are vocal.

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@Harry_Styles: @mmshinerunners thanks for the CDs brother. Take care@mmshinerunners: @Harry_Styles you bet bro. Be safe and take good care of our girl!
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Niall & Zayn hanging around a bunch has been's and wannabe's. Meanwhile Harry's best friend is part of music royalty. Goes to show you who really has the power in the group.

I just laughed so hard at this. 

In a matter of speaking, it is true. Harry’s with the industry royalty (only one, outside of the one time Louis went, to attend fashion weeks) and damn does he do well. Harry’s the networking one, obviously.

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djpaulyd: my boy
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@DJPaulyD: #MadDecent 
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dwdsoutar: Congrats @marvinhumes you were amazing last night on the decks. #vegas #shouldhavearesidency
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Zayn at a nightclub in Las Vegas - 15.09.2014 (x)
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Pasadena, CA 11.09
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