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How much was your Coach bag, if you don't mind me asking? To my knowledge they're really expensive. You're so spoiled, Sam! Can your parents adopt me? :D

Retail is 318, but it was on sale so it was cheaper. I think it was around 120. I’m a bit spoiled, yes. My parents do well and indulge me because I’m hardworking and my dad owed me for something I did for him.

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How do you feel about the Azoff's? I know they are powerful people in the music industry, but they make me uneasy. I know you said Harry being with Azoffs=work, but he lives with them in LA and they even had a family photo taken and included him. What's going on?

The Azoff’s are a useful tool in the industry and Harry is doing what is right. Also, Jeff Az isn’t that bad.

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sam, was niall and barbara pr? looking back on it it seemed like it. but then again i've never heard of niall doing pr before.

Well, more than one can do PR.

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Louis - 19.04.2014 - At the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield (x)

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@maddierachel: Hanging with Harry in PS

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Have you ever found someone, who makes you honest. Like you can talk to them about anything? 🙊 maybe to honest?

Yes, I am fortunate to have several people in my inner circle that I can tell anything, even if they don’t agree or it hurts them.

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WorldSnooker: One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is watching Ronnie O’Sullivan’s match tonight @Louis_Tomlinson

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WorldSnooker: Louis lives in Doncaster and he’s a patron of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice @BluebellWoodCH

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